Easy Evaluation workshops and training support


Learn to evaluate your projects. Gain skills and confidence in using evaluation in your work and learn how to apply programme logic.

The SHORE & Whariki Research Centre is contracted by the Ministry of Health to provide evaluation training plus organisational and individual support for the public health workforce and community organisations with a public health focus (targeting communities, groups, and environments rather than the delivery of personal health services).

There is no charge for this training and organisation support.

Training opportunities for 2019-2020

Designing analysing feedback forms workshops

  • Auckland, 18 June, Massey University, Albany campus

  • Wellington, 20 June, Massey University, Wellington campus

Feedback forms are an efficient and economical way to collect information about your programme.

How well designed are your forms? Want to learn more?

Come to this workshop and build your skills in creating good feedback questions, analysing quantitative data using excel, drawing graphs, and analysing qualitative data.

This workshop is suitable for people with little or no experience with feedback forms and those who want to learn more.

These workshops are FREE of charge. The courses run from 10:00am to 3:00pm. A light lunch is provided. (Please note parking is available on Auckland campus, but not in Wellington).

To register, complete and submit the registration form here or email us at easy.evaluation@massey.ac.nz or call Allison Li at 09 366 6136.


Easy Evaluation workshops

"Very approachable facilitators who had good insights into the health sector and our collective focus on better Maori health outcomes."

Two-day Easy Evaluation workshops are offered. The workshop focuses on developing a logic model and using the logic model to develop an evaluation plan. The workshops provide experiential, hands-on learning opportunities and a full set of workshop notes is provided. Participants apply learning to their own public health/health promotion programme.

Evaluation support for organisations and individuals

"Of the highest quality. The facilitator is highly qualified and experienced and works alongside us, ensuring we continue to develop our skills. She is always open to suggestions and makes herself available, it is extremely helpful to be able to work on evaluation plans on site in the same location."

Tailored evaluation support is available for organisations offering programmes with a public health focus. The purpose of this support is to assist organisations to engage in evaluative thinking and to develop skills to conduct an evaluation. We coach organisations through this process by helping them design an evaluation plan which includes developing a logic model, evaluation questions, data collection methods, data synthesis methods and reporting. We also offer evaluation advice and support for individual public health workers.

To access these FREE services please contact us at easy.evaluation@massey.ac.nz or phone Jeffery Adams 09 366 6136

This support can include the delivery of the following workshops for your organisation

  • Easy Evaluation 2 day training

  • Data collection methods

  • Designing and analysing feedback forms

Other support and training can be negotiated.