Co-ordination & Collaboration


National Public Health Working Group (NPHAWG)

Funded: by the Ministry of Health

Purpose: to support nationally consistent effective public health action to reduce alcohol related harm.

  • Provides strategic leadership, workforce development and support to the alcohol public health workforce.
  • Deliver a national workshops to the alcohol regulatory and health promotion workforce
  • Developed  a toolkit of resources to promote consistent practice in the sector
  • Manage a very active on-line forum Public Health Regulatory Officers’ Group (PHROG) and on-line group for alcohol health promoters  AHPeN.

NPHAWG Co-ordination and Administrative Support

We provide a secretariat for NPHAWG

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  • Co-ordinate meetings
  • Support development of submissions
  • Write reports
  • Provide input on alcohol research findings and alcohol health promotion
  • Facilitate liaison between NPHAWG, HPA and other sector agencies
  • Conduct and arrange analyses of NPHAWG workshop evaluations and workforce needs assessments
  • Monitor budgets and negotiate contracts.

CAYAD (Community Action on Youth and Drugs)

Community Action on Youth and Drugs (CAYAD) has been funded by the Ministry of Health since 2001 to reduce the harm young people experience from alcohol and other drugs.  The programme operates in 21 locations throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

CAYAD coordinators support and build the capacity of leaders in local communities and organisations to collaborate and create lasting changes in their environment that will promote wellbeing and reduce the risk of harm.  Projects are informed by local, cultural and academic evidence. The four programme objectives are to:

  • Increase informed discussion and debate about issues related to alcohol and other drugs
  • Support adoption of effective policies, systems and practices to reduce related harms
  • Increase local capacity to support young people in education, recreation and employment
  • Reduce supply of alcohol and other drugs to young people

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