Professor Helen Moewaka Barnes, MPH, PhD.

Helen Moewaka Barnes (Te Kapotai, Ngapuhi-nui-tonu) is the Director of Whāriki and Co-director of the SHORE and Whariki Research Centre. She has worked on research in many areas; more recently relationships between the health of people and the health of environments, sexual coercion, alcohol and youth well-being and identity. Her work is both qualitative and quantitative and she is also involved in developing research within Māori paradigms.


Selected Journal Articles

Henwood, W., Moewaka Barnes, H., Brockbank, T., Gregory, W., Hooper, K., & McCreanor, T. (2016). Ko Tangonge Te Wai: indigenous and technical data come together in restoration efforts.EcoHealth, Published online 21 October.  DOI: 10.1007/s10393-10016-11170-10394. A394

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Goodwin, I., Griffin, C., Lyons, A., McCreanor, T., & Moewaka Barnes, H. (2016). Precarious popularity: Facebook drinking photos, the attention economy, and the regime of the branded self.  Social Media + Society, 2(1). doi 10.1177/205630511662999998889. A376

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Selected books and book chapters

Moewaka Barnes, H. (2013). Better indigenous policies: an Aotearoa New Zealand perspective on the role of evaluation. In: Better Indigenous Indigenous Policies: the Role of Evaluation: Roundtable Proceedings. Canberra: Productivity Commission.

Moewaka Barnes, H., Henwood, W., Kerr, S., McManus, V., & McCreanor, T. (2011). Knowledge Transfer and Indigenous Research. In E. Banister, B. Leadbeater & E. Marshall (Eds.),Knowledge Translation in Context: Indigenous, Policy, and Community Settings. Toronto: University of Toronto.