Dr Martin Wall, bA, MSc, PhD.

Martin Wall is an economist and econometrician specialising in the analysis of the social, economic and environmental determinants of behaviour associated with poor health outcomes.  At SHORE his work has focused on identifying and evaluating effective policy options to address these issues:

  • He has worked extensively on alcohol related behaviour particularly on how it is affected by price policies such as taxation or minimum pricing
  • Another strand of work identifies groups of particular risk of harm from alcohol consumption.
  • He has also helped review and analyse the New Zealand Government’s tobacco control services and recommended ways to make them more effective.
  • He has investigated the impact of gambling on communities through use of area level indicators such as proximity to gaming venues, levels of crime, truancy and debt.
  • He has designed, implemented, analysed and reported on surveys of landlords and renters in New Zealand’s private sector to understand their motivations, constraints and characteristics.
  • In terms of costs of illness he has estimated the burden of alcohol related disease on New Zealand’s pacific population.

Much of his work takes advantage of the use of surveys collected at SHORE and the large administrative datasets that are becoming increasingly available as well as techniques such as multilevel modelling and GIS.

email: m.wall@massey.ac.nz

selected journal articles

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