Dr Jose Romeo (Pepe), PhD


Dr Jose Romeo (Pepe), is a researcher in Statistics, specialised in multivariate survival analysis and interested in applying statistical models for decision making in public health and social sciences. He holds a Statistical Engineering degree from the University of Santiago, Chile, and a PhD degree in Statistics from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Since December 2016, He has been working at SHORE & Whariki Research Centre providing statistical expertise on quantitative research projects led by social scientists and public health researchers on topics including alcohol consumption, alcohol policy, drugs trends and Maori attitudes towards alcohol. His role includes providing advice on research design and analyses as grant applications are developed, data management and statistical analyses on current research and collaborating on the dissemination of findings through monographs and peer reviewed publications.

Research Interests:
Statistical Modelling | Biostatistics | Bayesian Inference | Regression models | Survival Analysis | Copula and Frailty models | Multivariate methods


journal articles

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Technical Reports

Muriwai, E., Huckle, T. and Romeo, J. (2018). Māori attitudes and behaviours towards alcohol. Health Promotion Agency, Wellington, New Zealand. ISBN: 978-0-478-44953-2

Huckle, T. and Romeo, P. (2018). Patterns of social supply of alcohol over time in New Zealand. Health Promotion Agency, Wellington, New Zealand. ISBN: 978-0-478-44926-6

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Wilkins, C., Prasad, J., Moewaka Barnes, H., Romeo, J.S. and Rychert, M. (2017). New Zealand Arrestee Drug Use Monitoring (NZ-ADUM) 2016 Report. SHORE, College of Health, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand.