Dr Raymond Nairn, Honorary Research Fellow



I am a Pākehā New Zealander of Scots and English descent, and have been a community activist for as long as I have been a psychologist. As an activist I have been an anti-racism educator and theorist since the 1960s and a Tiriti educator from the mid-1980s. My doctorate – ‘Madness, Media & Mental Illness: A Social Constructionist Approach’ (Departments of Film, Television & Media Studies and Psychology, The University of Auckland 2004), published research, and ongoing research concern analyses of media depictions of those who live with a mental illness and Pākehā representations of Māori/Pākehā relations in New Zealand. In that research I utilise my training and experience in critical social psychology and discourse analysis. I am currently an Honorary Research Fellow with the SHORE and Whariki Research Centre.