Sexuality & Gender 

Sexual and gender minority populations


This research critiques the biomedical dominance and heterosexist presumptions of mainstream health research and employs sexuality as a determinant of health to explore ongoing health inequities experienced by these groups when compared with the population as a whole, and to identify ways health can be improved.

  • Evaluation showed effective social marketing programmes have contributed to relatively high rates of condom use among New Zealand gay and bisexual men
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  • Insights from Chinese and Indian gay and bisexual men informed HIV prevention work of the NZ AIDS Foundation Read more

"The Asian MSM Talk study from SHORE & Whariki Research Centre provided NZAF with important insights into the experiences of Asian gay and bisexual men living in Auckland. As the proportion of MSM being diagnosed with HIV who identify as Asian continues to increase, insights into the lived experience of this population group are vital if we are to develop and implement the most effective HIV prevention programmes possible"
- Dr Jason Myers, Executive Director, NZ AIDS Foundation
  • Research with LGBTI individuals identified the same basic mental health promotion and service provision needs as members of the general population, but also identified additional unique issues that require specific interventions
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  • Research with gay men shows that understanding the complex ways men negotiate and renegotiate their sexuality and experience being gay is vital for enhancing policy, research and practice responses to gay men’s health issues.
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