Steve Randerson, BA, MSc.

Steve Randerson has been a research officer at SHORE & Whariki since 2011. Steve provides national coordination support to the Community Action on Youth and Drugs programme, funded by the Ministry of Health. He also supports SHORE & Whariki research projects and evaluation on alcohol policy and community action to reduce harm from alcohol and other drugs. He has a background in organisational psychology and human resources consultancy, experience in coordinating family and community services and has an MSc in Applied Psychology from the University of Canterbury.


Journal Articles

Wilkins, C., Rychert, M., Romeo, J., & Randerson, S. (2019). Smoke in our eyes: the Sense Partners’ evaluation of the legalisation of cannabis in New Zealand [Editorial]. New Zealand Medical Journal, 132(1490), 6-9. A456

Randerson, S., Casswell, S., & Huckle, T. (2018). Changes in New Zealand’s alcohol environment following implementation of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (2012). New Zealand Medical Journal, 131(1476), 14-23. A438

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