Dr Taisia Huckle, MA, PhD.

Dr Taisia Huckle is the leader of the quantitative research team at SHORE & Whariki Research Centre. Taisia has research expertise in alcohol policy, alcohol consumption and harms trends, public health, and survey research. Over the past ten years she has completed a range of studies on alcohol use both in New Zealand and internationally. She participates in two international collaborative research projects - The International Alcohol Control Study and Alcohol’s Harm to Others: a World Health Organisation/Thai Health collaboration.  Her New Zealand research has a particular focus on the effects of the availability of alcohol including trading hours, the minimum purchase age, alcohol marketing and alcohol and inequalities. Taisia has published journal articles on alcohol use, contributed to two World Health Organisation books. She is a Deputy Editor for Drug and Alcohol Review, an international peer reviewed journal, and regularly reviews manuscripts for high impact journals. Taisia has been an invited speaker at national events, presented evidence in Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority hearings and regularly presents papers at national and international conferences.


selected journal articles

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