Professor Tim McCreanor, MSc, PhD.

Tim McCreanor is a senior researcher at SHORE and Whariki Research Centre, within the College of Health at Massey University in Auckland. His broad public health orientation and interest in the social  determinants of health and wellbeing, provide a platform for social science projects that support and stimulate social change. In particular his research seeks to foreground, critique and redress the mechanisms of talk, text and other forms of communication that operate to produce, maintain and naturalise the disparities, exclusions and inequities so evident in our society. Discourse analysis and other qualitative methods have been a central theme in Tim's approach to research domains around ethnicity and culture, inclusion and exclusion and health inequalities. Key topics include racial discrimination, youth wellbeing, alcohol marketing, media representations and social cohesion. His work combines a vigorous programme of externally funded research, peer-reviewed publication, postgraduate supervision, community development and capability building.


selected journal articles

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selected books and book chapters

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