Investigating knowledge transfer in the design of active travel infrastructure


Te Ara Mua Future Streets is a controlled intervention study in Māngere, South Auckland. It aims to slow traffic, change driver behaviour and make walking and cycling easier and safer for all residents. This collaborative project, led by Dr Hamish Mackie (Mackie Research) involves local community, transport agency professionals and researchers from universities and private consultancies. Transforming vehicle-focused street infrastructure to support a shift to active travel modes posed a complex interdisciplinary challenge.

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Unlocking Transport Innovation: A Sociotechnical Perspective of the Logics of Transport Planning Decision-Making


Not all design innovations proposed for the Te Ara Mua Future Streets intervention were taken up. Based on a case study of a pedestrian crossing design, proposed and ultimately rejected, this research investigates the regulatory and decision-making logics, processes and practices that determine the street design solutions that become part of our built environment and transport infrastructure. A sociotechnical framework is deployed to draw attention to the network of complex and multi-scalar relationships that compose a multi-actor innovation project.

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