Verne McManus, DipTchg, BEd, MA Ed (Hons).

Verne (Nga Puhi ki Whangaroa) is involved in several community action projects as an evaluator. Verne is also involved with CAYAD at both a regional and a national level.



Journal Articles

McManus, V., Abel, S., McCreanor, T., & Tipene-Leach, D. (2010). Narratives of deprivation: Women's life stories around Maori sudden infant death syndrome. Social Science and Medicine, 71. 643-649. [Abstract] A267

Edwards, S., McManus, V. and McCreanor, T. (2005). Collaborative research with Maori and sensitive issues: the application of tikanga and kaupapa in research on Maori Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Social Policy Journal of New Zealand, 25. 88-104. [Full text] A174


Books And Book Chapters

Moewaka Barnes, H., Henwood, W., Kerr, S., McManus, V., & McCreanor, T. (2011). Knowledge Transfer and Indigenous Research. In E. Banister, B. Leadbeater & E. Marshall (Eds.),Knowledge Translation in Context: Indigenous, Policy, and Community Settings. Toronto: University of Toronto.