Drinking And Policy in NZ

  • Diminished inclusivity in public space: How alcohol reduces people’s use and enjoyment of public places (Literature review prepared for the Health Promotion Agency)
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  • Analysis of relationship between restriction in trading hours and assaults in New Zealand was provided as evidence in testimony before the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority
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  • Heavier drinkers buy later at night and like alcohol marketing more
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  • Cluster analysis of drinkers shows importance of off premise sales among heavier drinking groups
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alcohol and social media

  • Ethnographic evidence of the confluence of young adults alcohol cultures and social media use. Read more


  • Social media analysis shows evidence of alcohol marketing activity, tactics and impacts in social media. Read more


International Alcohol Control Study

The International Alcohol Control (IAC) Study is the first ever international cohort study of alcohol policy relevant behaviours. The overall objective is to measure the impacts of national or state level alcohol control policies.

  • Collaboration with six countries in 2010 to design study, funded by NZ Health Promotion Agency

  • By 2016 16 countries participating

  • Funding from NZ Health Research Council in 2011, 2014 and 2017 for New Zealand data collection and to co-ordinate the international collaboration